The protagonist is an Elvis impersonator playing music on a sidewalk of Las Vegas. His life is not cool at all but one day something lucky happens. After a special encounter, he wins the King's Helmet and becomes Daft King, the greatest music star in Las Vegas. Daft King is beloved now by millions of fans yelling and shouting for more incredible performances like playing the guitar while climbing an endless tower.

The innovative gameplay is what makes Daft King a very unique and addictive game:

  • spin the tower, or the character, to help Daft King climbing and scoring as high as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting music records, guitars and power-ups.
  • anytime you collect 6 guitars Daft King is on fire, double tap to play the Guitar Riff and destroy all the obstacles that get in your way.
  • pay attention to the helmet that keeps you informed about the upcoming power-ups.

Thanks to Kii, the upcoming Daft King update will introduce a new amazing feature: Challenge Friends. Users will be able to sign in and login with their Facebook account and challenge their friends and other users around the world. When a challenge is sent, and then completed, users will receive a push notification. All the registered users will be able to save and store their game data in the cloud.

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