This was an experiment driven by our desire to better understand the dynamics of intimacy and technology. DADI is meant to be both thought-provoking and entertaining, we're not sure what to make of it.


Teledildonics and the internet of dildo (IoD) devices are becoming increasingly popular as a means of achieving sensual pleasure and creating unique interactions between sexual partners.

Cryptoeconomics opens us up to a whole new world of interaction and intimacy, where agreements (consent) and execution are secured by the blockchain. We present DADI, (decentralized autonomous dildo interactions) where dildo users can auction off control of the dildo’s settings for small time increments. This market mechanism enables users to trustlessly interact with other global users that compete for control of another user’s pleasure experience.


A DADI will become a cross-medium experience for everyday people and adult performers to discover new kinds of relationships and pleasure remotely. Users will provide consent to a set of users who can access the DADI mechanism to vie for remote access. This implementation of DADI leverages an auction mechanism, where the highest bidder within a 15 second period can use a slider to control the settings (e.g., vibration) of the dildo in the following time period.

The DADI will require a remote controlled dildo as well as a video platform to enable the user and remote controller to view eachother and create a mutual pleasurable experience.

How We built it

Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, a Vibratissimo dildo and Angular we connected the hardware to respond to activity dictated by an on-chain auction mechanism.


PCR (Pleasure Curated Registry)

The dildo owner will create a Pleasure Curated Registry (whitelist) of remote controllers that have been approved for DADI. Users will likely follow a KYC process where mutual agreement is established and various personal information is communicated - this can range from in-person meetings to anonymous chat to facilitate trust.

Pleasure Auction

The pleasure auction is a cryptoeconomic mechanism that dictates which remote controllers on the PCR (pleasure curated registry) gain remote access of the dildo, for a finite period of time (15 seconds). Users bid within a 15 second period, vying for contorl of the dildo’s settings in the following period (next block). The highest bidder is given access to a “slider” where they can alter the settings in their defined period. All proceeds from the winning bidders will be sent to the dildo user (e.g., individual, adult performer).

Challenges We Ran Into

This became more of an existential feat than technological as we discovered how illusive the idea of intimacy is and its relationship with technology. We were challenged with better understanding consent, trust, intimacy and self-sovereignty and the impacts of economics, competition and open-source infrastructure.

We are excited that this spawned fruitful internal discourse and hope that the crypto community can continue discussion on the impact of mechanism design on human relationships.

What's next for DADI

More Mechanisms

The premise of DADI is that open-source technology and cryptoeconomics can create new methods for users to interact that redefine intimacy. We developed an auction mechanism to delegate remote control, but the world is your oyster and any economic game can be used to engage individuals.

Age Verification

zk-SNARKS and identity solutions (e.g., Bloom) can be utilized to verify that each user is at least 18 years old and to support the KYC process, without revealing personal data.

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