With a world coming to hault because of Corona virus, there were many issues that generated in my locality and when people got to know them they came forward to extend help! This led me to create the site where people can report issues they are facing while in lockdown and those who can provide or connect people with solution provider can see live issues and help.

What it does

It allows user to check live issues against a pincode and allow her/him to report if (s)he is facing any issue.

How I built it

I built it using google cloud services and api like - places, webservice and firebase. Along with that I used mongodb. On the frontend I used reactjs. I used netlify and bitbucket for CI/CD. I draw the whole idea on sketch app and kept re-working on it till the best UI for MVP was built.

Challenges I ran into

I faced issues while integrating multiple cloud services and make them like clock works. Also, designing the product was challenging as I wanted to have a minimal approach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I haven't slept for days and today when I am ready and launched my MVP, I am feeling proud of myself.

What I learned

One thing I learned is anything we do challenges exist but the only way to overcome them is by consistently thrive for better version of you!

What's next for daby

I will integrate map in it so that people can pinpoint on map where exactly issue exists. This will help authorities to have exact data. I have partially integrated Mapbox for the same.

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