Opportunity: Currently, students spend tons of hours and resources finding textbooks for their classes. Students either go to Barnes and Nobles and pay huge amounts of money for textbooks, or scour the internet in order to save some money in exchange for giving up their precious time. For an independent college student, the two most important things are arguably money and time. All around college campus, there are students looking for textbooks, but at the same time, what do students do with their old books? Drawing inspiration from the hectic Facebook group markets, we sought to create a more streamlined buying and selling interface for students to obtain textbooks from each other at a cheap price and at a low time cost.

Challenge: The main challenge we ran into was storing user-inputted data, and then calling upon it using javascript. Also, users would want a simple interface to post their offers and search for what they need, forcing us to balance the information we could gleam from the users with the ease of use of the site.

Action: Our web interface is essentially a online store, but instead of producing goods in a factory store far away, everything is kept in your proximity. By creating a platform where students with textbooks can sell to students in need of those textbooks, we have created a simple yet elegant crowd sourced textbook gathering engine. By keeping the textbook market in a small area, students can save time finding books, and find books for cheaper from their friends and classmates. Using HTML, Javascript, and CSS, we built a program that would connect buyers and sellers at the university and find buyers the best price for the materials they need while also making it easy for sellers to advertise unneeded textbooks.

What we learned: We learned to format html files and utilize javascript on our pages and how to setup a domain that would be able to host our sites.

What's next for mydtf.org: Next, we plan to host the domain and connect the program with our domain, mydtf.org, in order to put the website live, create accounts, and set up a timer for each bid function.

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