This COVID-19 pandemic leads to more demands on delivery services due to the existing food delivery system is failing to cope with the surge in orders. People are limited to be at home especially elderly and vulnerable groups who cannot leave their homes to get essentials for their daily life.

What it does

The platform gives opportunities to local businesses to sell their products online and any local resident can launch a delivery service and reduce the lack of delivery resources in his neighborhood.

How I built it

This is a web app that is built using bootstrap, node.js, and openlayers.js. For the database, we have used MySQL.


Local inhabitants can organize the delivery from the nearby stores by themselves to compensate for the lack of delivery resources in the region. The solution prioritizes elderly and vulnerable people in food and essentials supply. The solution many times reduces the number of people going outdoor, supporting quarantine measures thereby. "Online-to-offline sales" supporting social distancing because of buyers take away primarily packing food in a store.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Top-3 Techstar COVID-19 Online Germany Hackathon

Necessities in order to continue

Country project team building; Project Financing.

What's next for Delivery Angels

Food Map project - a global location-based marketplace of food with self-organized local delivery.

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