This whole idea is originated by Richard (Audette) and expanded via the further investigation of the whole hack team:

Note FYI: ES(Enhancement Services) and Filogix/CMT are the 2 LOBs in Finastra (Canada).

Technically, Enhancement Services (ID Assist) has a user’s personal info and credit bureau. It's cool to add a button on ID Assist, that spits out an XML file. Then we could just have the payload on FCXLink, and ingest a loan to submit to Filogix Expert...

Based on above mentioned , our hack team are working together to create an ability for user to apply for a mortgage from "ID Assist" via a button click and submit it to Filogix "Expert” for a Loan. We are sing some api/window services from Filogix (CMT) and most important of all, by consuming the existing FFDC Fusion MortgageBotLOS Api we are capable of providing U.S. mortgage applications to our users.

The idea also resonates with Filogix's Mortgage Ecosystem in the initiative of "Direct to Consumer"(D2C) and will create more potential sales volumes and revenue opportunities with minimum cost (as the core components are existing and resources from both ES and Filogix teams are familiar with the functionality...).

For the future monetization opportunities, we also have our "Next Steps" to act with based on below 2 points:

  1. Add “Intelligence” to target Broker selection;
  2. Add Trigger(s) to ES so as to selected users

To put it in short, "Complicated life, uncomplicated mortgage"-- As a FinTech member, let's hack and facilitate our customers with their mortgage/loan applications.

Built With

  • angular8
  • c#
  • sassy
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