Tell App Documentation

Group Name: Design Heroes participated in Hajj Hackathon 1-3 Aug 2018.

Team Members: Fahad Alzahrani. Fatimah Alzahrani. Amal Abdulraheem. Norah Alzahrani.

The project Definition: Our application “Tell”, aims to collect critical information regarding the frequent issues that raise during AlHajj, by localizing those issues, aims to improve AlHajj experience. In addition, the app will allow the administration to see these complaints as dots on a map in the real-time dashboard, where they can click on them to know more about these complaints in order to take the proper action.

Problem and Solution of the app:

Problem: The user may have some issues such as food, water, housing, negligence, etc shortages, however, he/she may not speak about it, because it is not critical issues, even though these issues will affect their hajj`s experience the most.

Solution: Tell app will make the voice of all users heard by the administration in a creative and efficient way by representing them in a real-time dashboard.

Target Users: Any hajj who has an issue in the Hajj time, who has a smartphone and have access to the Internet.

Functional Requirements: For Users:

  • Login.
  • Change Language. -Send an Issue.

For Admin: Monitor the issues in a real-time map to take the proper actions. Save all the users issues that have been raised in Tell app to analyze them later. The system will help the administration to solve frequent issues rapidly, by referring to the proper authority departments.

Non-Functional Requirements:

  • Usability: the system interfaces will be user-friendly to be used by different types of users.
  • Security: the system will be highly secured since it is using a database from the government for obtaining users information, and it will be in collaboration with the Hajj administration.
  • Performance: users will be able to raise their issues in less than 1 minute.
  • Scalability: the system needs a large storage in Google Cloud.
  • Maintenance: the system will need a frequent maintenance in collaboration with the Hajj administration.

Users: 1- Hajj (the one who perform the Hajj in Makkah). 2- Admin (Ministry of Hajj and Umrah).

Used Tools and Languages: 1- Google Cloud. 2- Android Studio. 3- Cloud SQL. 4- Tableau. 5- PHP. 6- Python.

Access to the App: Users need the following to access the app: 1- Smartphone (Android). 2- Internet connection. 3- Hajj`s serial number to access the app.

Cost of the Project: Funds will be provided by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for storage in the cloud for big data, maintenance, and IT employee.

Revenue: Tell App will gain its revenue from collaboration with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and other interested organizations. They will be willing to invest in “Tell”, because it will provide them with a highly valuable data that will help in improving Hajj. Tell app will cover an important aspect of 2030`s Vision.

Future of “Tell”:

  • Tell app will provide the chance for measuring other aspects to improve The Hajj.
  • We aim to develop Artificial Intelligence tool to visualize results of each category in the app in order to assist the decisions by the administration.
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