Relieving childhood memory of games such as Catching, virus, ice and water together with the mix of Telegram games such as Telegram werewolf and location based games such as Pokemon Go.

What it does

A Telegram bot that allows people to engage in a real-life game of catching by tracking their live location. The scope can be as narrow as walking / running only or as big as country wide where people are allowed to take public transport since everyone’s location is trackable. All players will receive notifications of their proximity from the hunter every 5 minutes but not the exact location. The hunter will be given the special command to track the exact location of all survivors 3 times. Game ends when hunter catches all survivors or survivors survive for a stipulated time.

How we built it

We built it mainly using Python and the Telegram-Bot API

Challenges we ran into

In the initial stages, we had troubles ideating and had to modify our original idea. During the programming of the bot, we ran into problems in terms of documentation, and it was difficult for us to work simultaneously on one bot alone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a workable telegram bot that was able to carry out different functions such as tracking of live location, calculation of distance between coordinates and several other functions.

What we learned

Step by step process to creating our very own telegram bot and ways to modify it to create various functions.

What's next for Hungry Games - Catching Fire

We plan to implement other cool features such as more roles beyond just survivors and hunters or various new items or skills that players can use to interact with the Telegram Bot (Eg: Blinding of the hunter to prevent hunter from receiving notifications about proximity for 15mins). In addition, we hope to polish up the bot to ensure that it is able to conduct games on a wider scale and ensure it’s user friendliness.

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