D.M.A. Navi Watch is free clock face for Samsung Gear integrated with Google Navigation.

The problem:

Imagine you are exploring new city or just going somewhere. To be most efficient you use Google Navigation to get to your desired place, but when you are in unknown area you need to look very often in your mobile to stay on path. During nice sunny day your screen brightness on mobile needs to be set on 110% to be able to see something on the screen and your battery discharges very fast(sounds familiar?).

The missing clock:

Showing turn-by-turn navigation instructions directly on clock face eliminates the need to launch separate application every time when you look at the watch during navigating on your route. Turn-by-turn instruction with navigation image will be right there when screen turns on.

No need to waste battery on the mobile with screen on all time while looking for directions and keep your mobile in your hands all time, keep your mobile in safely in your pocket/bag and all navigation instructions are delivered instantly on your wrist.

Also you can receive vibration alert before each turn or even set set to turn on display before you need to turn(this is useful when on bicycle or motorbike).

How does it work?

It is integrated with Google Navigation using its notifications and it is necessary to grant notification access to "D.M.A Navi Watch" to be able to see turn-by-turn navigation instructions from Google Navigation directly on your Gear.

Just start navigating to desired palce on your mobile usign Google Navigation and follow navigation instructions on your Gear.

How to setup?


Idle screen

When you are not using navigation, the clock displays date and current weather information with beautiful animated icons. Display, font, colours are configurable from the application on your mobile.

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