The growing urgency for smart contract development resources

What it does

We have put together a marketplace for connecting clients who need smart contract development with smart contract developers.

How we built it

utilizing a inspection and debugging toolset that was constructed previously, we develop the many smart contracts needed to handle the transactions and agreements between parties.To allow the client and the developer to interact we utilizing github and it's existing API. The developer performs their development in a private repository that they have complete control over.

When the development is ready for client testing they notify the system. The system then pulls the code, builds the code, spins up a private ethereum network and deploys the code to that network.

The Client is then notified an the URL for testing is provided.

Once the client has completed testing and approved the code, payment is release and at the same time the client is invited as a collaborator into the repo. Thus facilitating and encouraging long term engagements.

Challenges we ran into

Spinning up the AWS private network, time, and completing the synchronization between the transaction chain and github.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming the complexity of the interaction between the many moving parts. Finding practical solutions for common hurdles to smart contract development.

What we learned

Many of the tools available do not live up to the hype and finding the right blend of on chain and off chain technology and approaches is key to successful deployment of blockchain solutions.

What's next for D-Git

We plan to complete the buildout of the platform and to utilize this as a training demonstration to help others facing the difficulty of learning about blockchain and ethereum.

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