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As many successful projects, the inspiration comes from a need all the entrepreneurs experience at least ones in a business journey: The need of liquidity to make investments that will help to grow the business. The problems are often related to long procedures behind the “traditional bank loans” and the lack of flexibility. So we realised we could use the different risk profiles of bank customers to finance investment of small and medium-size companies.

What it does

D-Fund is a lending-based crowdfunding platform. On one hand it allows customers from Deutsche Bank owning small to medium size businesses, to submit a request for a loan to help grow their business. On the other hand, it opens a marketplace for private Deutsche Bank customers to review the terms proposed and either approve or negotiate them with the business owner and finally invest the desired amount. These private customers we call them investors. Investors will enjoy the security from their bank as a guarantee to invest safely allowing them to increase their savings for the mid or long-term while helping local or international businesses to grow and prosper. Related services from Deutsche Bank play an important role to provide security and transparency on every negotiation.

How we built it

Thanks to the dbAPI from Deutsche Bank, we are able to allow their customers to opt-in into D-Fund platform and choose the amount of information they want to share with it.


With AgeCertificate we want to keep the platform for users above the age of 18.


With CustomerSolvency we are able to access the background check of a user and use their score to provide security for investors.


With CustomerInsights we retrieve important identity information to formalise the legally binding agreement between a business and its investors.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to put the platform online by the deadline and to present effectively (in 60 seconds) all we have been working on for the entire weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We released the platform on time

What we learned

We have learned how to integrate APIs on an application. And also to think Beyond Banking.

What's next for d-fund

The next step for D-Fund will be to implement the platform as a service of one bank and run a test with customers.

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