Inspiration - Our love of Ninja's

What it does - Fighting off the Ninjas. Sword fighting game.

How we built it - Vive and Unity 3D

Challenges we ran into - Issues of the animations of the model. Clouds, enemy model..... so far. Ninja's were too feisty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Getting the sword to go on fire. Getting particle effects to work. Worked with a team with all skill levels. Beginner to experienced. We are proud to say our team includes three women that span the ages 19, 33, and 62 and two awesome guys.

What we learned - It depends on who you talk to. Unity, Maya,Trello, Vive, and audio. How to use the Unity Animator, Ragdoll, made extensive use of particle effects.

What's next for D"em Feisty Ninjas

We might be ready to show the game at iFest on May 6th. This is the huge indie fest hosted by at the Seattle Center Armory.

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Don't get hypnotized by the peaceful waves of wind rolling through the lush grassy fields. Don't get distracted by the beauty of the blossoming tree. Stay alert! Watch out for d'em feisty ninjas!

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