Inspiration: We were inspired by hundreds of millions of patients who feel left alone and depressed due to their life threatening diseases. In our opinion, the sensor technology to measure the health parameters can be improved significantly. Also, these patients don't get enough attention and this increases their stress level. What if we are able to somehow improve sensor technology? What if, we are able to add emotional psychology & social interaction in the life of these patients? What if we can improve the data collection mechanism by introducing hybrid sensor technology to measure multiple body parameters without the need to visit doctor every now and then?

What it does: We provide a web based application where patient data is monitored on daily basis by doctors. Hybrid sensor technology is implemented to measure blood glucose level, blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, liver and kidney functioning. How the sensor technology work? We introduce non-invasive blood glucose monitoring (the first of its kind) using infrared rays, near-infrared rays and thermal sensors (The glucose absorption in the blood is maximum at 1550nm wavelength. I will explain more about this in demo). Also, we install sensors in the toilet seats at the homes of patients, so that those sensors will monitor urine samples of patients and will update data on the server at regular basis. It is worth mentioning here that there are several diseases which can be diagnosed by urine samples. After the data has been monitored, there will be two things happening. With the permission of the patient, the loved ones in the family of the patient (patient can suggest anyone including wife, husband, siblings, father, mother etc) get a notification if, for example, the glucose level of the patient is going beyond the upper or lower limit. We believe that by doing so, we are adding emotional psychology (emotions) in the field of health care to improve the overall health of the patient (because the loved ones will be reminding the patient to keep taking medicines etc so that he can become healthy once again. This will actually decrease the stress level). The second feature of this application is that the patient gets to meet other patients (suffering from the same disease) in the vicinity of the area in which he is living. If someone else from your locality is also suffering from similar symptoms, we will send a notification to both of you, so that you can interact with each other if you want to. This will help the patients to interact with each other and to open up in-front of other patients who are suffering from the same diseases.We believe that interaction will definitely help you in making your disease more bearable for you!

What's next for d-Doctor: We have already worked on the non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring. However, the installment of sensors in toilet seats to monitor urine samples is still an idea, which we need to implement. Also, the web based application is still an idea, and we need to implement it (Shouldnt take more than 1 week to build such a platform)

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