We wanted to create a program that would help people get into DnD quickly and effortlessly. We came up with this idea that makes the lives of DMs and players easier.

What it does

Creates all the stuff you need for DnD. For character creation you can have a random character to be made. However, if you wish to change certain attributes, you can do so. By default, each character starts on level 1, this can be changed if you are going for a higher level campaign and need a character that will be able to deal with it. For item creation we created a tool that will make you either an item with random type. If you wish so you can also create an item of a specific type. For our random map generation we generate a random island full of mountains, houses and forests.

How We built it

A HTML5 front-end website with lots of javascript to do the generation and change the html so that the end user may see the results. We split our team and everyone worked on their own part. There was one person dealing with the front end, one person dealing with character and item generation. At last we had 2 people dealing with the random island generation, since there was a need for dealing with sprites and making a randomly generated island that would look somewhat alright.

Challenges We ran into

Being able to save and upload characters and their stats. Nobody in our team knew how JavaScript works before we started working on this project, it is safe to say that we all had a crashcourse with javascript and got down to working quite quickly.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are very proud of our item generation. It brought us a lot of laugh and it was a lot of fun to make. Working first time in a team and having made a half-decent project at the end of this.

What We learned

How to save and upload character stats, lots of javascript. Some of us also learned how DnD works.

What's next for D&D Generator Suite

Being able to edit the map.

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