We're a team of travelers and commuters, and we love it! But exploring the world means we're moving a lot, and we have to say goodbye to plenty of our belongings that we can't take with us. That doesn't mean they have to go to a landfill, though!

What it does

(D)clutter & (D)onate helps you repurpose items you no longer need or have room for by finding charities and institutions that could make good use of them. All you need to do is gather any belongings that no longer spark joy, take a photo of the clutter and upload it to our website. We then process the image and find local institutions that could make use of the items!

And if you're a charity, you have the ability to list items you are currently in need of, and we will connect you with users looking to donate the items!

Everyone wins :)

How I built it

Firebase - Cloud Firestore - Non relational schematic database and realtime database! Express js for local server Google Maps API for getting places and displaying the map Google Cloud Vision API Rapid API by TwinWord node.js React on frontend to talk to backend Material UI (Google's framework and our inspo for react!) MVC model

Challenges I ran into

Trying to learn web architecture and node.js in 24 hours :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning web architecture and node.js in 24 hours :)

What I learned

Web architecture and node.js

What's next for (D)clutter & (D)onate

Including even more charities, for even more cities around the world! Also the ability to get feedback on how your donation impacted people, and an option to set up a pick-up for the items to be donated!

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