In senior year of High School, I took AP Environmental Science and have learned much about Chesapeake Bay and the pollution it has been experiencing. I love the nature, ecosystem, and do not want it to be destroyed due to human activities. I hope that I can do something, or at least gain some experience in advocating environmental protection. In an internet based society we have today, I know that a website is really helpful in advocating and raising attention on environmental issues and impacts, and this is why I chose to design a website like report card.

What it does

It provides specific information regarding the watershed community such as basic introduction, data, impact, quality standard, and how they could help.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

I was stuck on choosing the dataset to perform on, since there are lots of choices. But eventually I chose the dataset in a particular time frame, 2015-2020. Also I spent lots of time on determining how to deliver the data, because the website representation was really vivid and I was not sure if I could build something like that. Eventually I decided to simplify the chart and just make it into multiple graphs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time building a fully functional website and I am glad that I successfully finished this website. This has multiple pages and different small functions in it that I learned from the internet. And I am really proud of making something that could potentially help the environment or that particular community.

What I learned

I have gained experience on Web development and some data visualization tools. And I also learned something that I have never learned inside the classroom, such as the details of government policies and how the poor water quality is impacting the local community.

What's next for D.C Potomac River Report Card

To make it more user friendly and more specific by adding more functions to it that could help the users to understand more and try to appeal more users to protect the community.

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