تطبيق يحسب عدد الاشواط في الطواف والسعي للجج والعمرة بشكل دقيق دون حدوث اخطاء بشكل الي

What it does

an android mobile application that use location based services(LBS) and indoor navigation technologies to count the shoot in altawaf and alsa'ae

How we built it

using android studio, beacon(Id, payload,RSSI), location based services(LBS) and indoor navigation

Challenges we ran into

connection the application with beacon and to get the access from reasah alharamain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the first application that use this accurate technology with unlimited users, and easy to use

What we learned

improve the development skills and understand the connection with beacon

What's next for D-085Ashwat

Continue in implementing the mobile application and improve it

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