30 years old, began to realize my programmer dream, from a programming enthusiast, from an amateur programmer, a level of programmer is not high, a half of the programmer......
My experience comes to an end here. I have jumped slots five times in five years. I don't know if it is too much compared with other people, BUT I think many friends may have similar experiences with me.

What it does

If you feel you should pursue something, don't give up and stick to it no matter what the difficulties.
Just because you're young doesn't give you any reason to waste your time. Play less SC, CS, Warcraft 3, Legend, Magic, or... Read more books and practice more problems.
It is never too late to work hard. The key is to understand that it is better to be a late bloomer than nothing.

How we built it

Java,. Net, C++, PB, VB, Delphi, assembly after all should learn which? My experience, which is the easiest to learn which, company with which you go to school which, which decree by destiny with you (for example, you just know a willing to help you master of Delphi) which one do you go to school, if you are learning, or in three days at both ends, I can tell you the result must be what all can't, clinical don't dry, they are just tools, Learn a fine other the same, the important thing is to master the idea of programming. If you ask me object orientation (which seems to be requirements orientation now), UML, WebLogic, WebService, software engineering, XML... How should learn ah, sorry, I do not know all these, but please believe, you first solid write more than 100,000 lines of code, those things you will gradually learn.

Challenges we ran into

If you are a student in school, you are poor in English, you are poor in your major. That's all right. Learn about computers as much as you want. Anywhere else, you just need to get a diploma. Unless you have no confidence in your future. (Of course, if you want to be more than a programmer, don't lose English.)
If you want to change careers and you don't know how to get started, you are advised to read two kinds of books :(1) computer principles; (2) Data structure and algorithm. (Look at C before you look at data structures).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Don't assume that programmers are all highly paid and that the level of programmers varies greatly. Companies measure a person's treatment based on how much benefit he can bring to the company. If you show your value, the company will offer you a raise. You can ask for one yourself, but only after you show your value.

What we learned

This is me, a not excellent, not diligent; Play can play all night, learn to learn all night; The pursuit of dreams is very persistent; At 30, I started to actually write programs; A very ordinary but not willing to ordinary people... I believe that many friends have had my experience, and I am not a successful person, but I believe that my experience is worth learning from, because I represent a kind of people after all.
I hope all the programmers and friends who have the dream of becoming programmers come true in the New Year and everything goes well. Please believe me: tomorrow may not be better, but a better day will come!

What's next for czx

It's important to be pragmatic in making money. Don't ask for more than what is not yours. There is no such thing as pie in the sky! Lie down to earn = lie down to die, leek cooked.

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