Are you tired of hearing ‘Millennials are lazy’, baffled by your six-year old’s homework or maybe wondering if maths skills will come naturally once you finish school? Have you started to lose the essential math skills? Are you looking for a simple anti-ageing brain exercise? It’s time to take action with cZeus Maths Challenger!
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What it does

cZeus is a patented game and a fun way to excel at mathematics fundamentals. It is a refreshing way to boost numeracy, times tables, logic and working memory! The aim of each puzzle is to find the answer to a set of mystery numbers by using the given clues. A puzzle a day will increase your numeracy skills and boost your confidence before you know it!

Many games are available for improving individual skills separately, e.g. their focus is either on basic numeracy or pure logic and problem-solving.

cZeus is a puzzle-game that at once fuels different part of the brain; short-term memory, numeracy, agility, problem-solving and logic.

Interestingly solving cZeus Puzzle is like an alternative way of finding answers for a set of non-linear equations, without the player having any knowledge of algebra.

cZeus Puzzle is presented in a grid form similarly to Sudoku and can be solved on paper.

How we built it

We have built this very quickly using the great Alexa skills examples.

Challenges we ran into

To run the game concept only through voice interaction and natural conversation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

cZeus, patented app: cZeus Puzzles are patented with U.S. Patent No. 9,649,552
cZeus is a Kid's friendly App: cZeus is designed keeping children safety in mind.
cZeus is 5 stars rated: cZeus has received 5 stars from Educational App Store. A clever app that teaches mathematics and number skills through a puzzle-based game, an alternative approach to practising and using basic number skills and finding common factors.
cZeus is endorsed by UK universities professors: "cZeus is a thoroughly absorbing game based on a smart idea and has the potential to take the player further along the path to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics.”
Partnership with Imperial College: Imperial College Computing partners with cZeus to launch a competition for schools.

What we learned

We learnt how naturally we can interact with our players, with a much easier method, i.e. conversation.

What's next for cZeus Maths Challenger

To build the UI interactions for devices with a display.

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