Crypto currencies are a hot topic, and we wanted to build an app that allows users to learn more about crypto currency and build trading skills without the risk of losing real money.

What it does

The app builds a cross platform for IOS and Android. CryptoHack allows users to view data on cryptocurrencies and build a portfolio based off their trading.

How we built it

We used react-native and two different cryptocurrency APIs, along with different react libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of data and documentation in the APIs. Restriction on the API calls. First time using react native. Scope of the project was big and could implement all the features in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For a first time using react native, we have a working IOS and Android Application, that pulls real time and historical cryptocurrency data.

What we learned

React native, react-redux, react-saga, the differences between IOS and Android features.

What's next for CyrptoHack

Implement leaderboards where users can compete with each other and Buy/Sell feature.

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