This summer, one of our mutual friends posted about getting a quote for a Lyft from a shopping center back home being much more expensive than the other way. When she crossed the street, the price of the ride halved. This strange price decrease got us thinking: what if there's a way to see if it's worth walking up and down a block to save a few bucks off the ride? Our app, Cyrbsyde, does that for you.

What it does

Cyrbsyde takes your current location and destination and finds the nearest road for pickup. It then gets coordinates for the other side of the street and some other points on the block. After comparing the prices, it tells you which option is cheapest.

How we built it

The front end of the app is an Expo app built with React Native. This app communicates with a back-end Flask API running on Amazon Web Services that pulls data from various Google Cloud Platform and Lyft APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use Expo was a bit of a curve, but after playing around with it, we figured out how to get ourselves going forward with the mobile app. Figuring out how to find the other side of the street was a challenge that took us a while but turned out to have a deceptively simple solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel that we solved a real-world problem that will benefit Lyft users by saving time and money. The user doesn't have to walk across the street or up and down the block just to see how much it would cost for a ride, and the user would get the best deal on a ride.

What we learned

  • React Native
  • How to use Expo
  • How to use various Google Cloud Platform APIS
  • How to host an app on Amazon Web Services

What's next for Cyrbsyde

Possibly integrate quotes from other competing ride-hailing services.

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