Only about 9% percent of recycling actually gets recycled! Even tho many people are aware of the problem and try to actively recycle, they still fall short because of a lack of education! Did you know that if you throw a single wrong item in a recycling bin, it contaminates the other items, and everything goes on landfill?? Well, that's true! To help educate people about recycling, we need to come up with a more creative way that encourages people to actually go through the process.. Perhaps get a reward back.. Crypto?

What it does

Crypto-Cycle is an educational game that lets you walk through a beautiful forest environment and collect trash in the way and learn about ways to recycle it. Once you get to the end, you can recycle the collected trash and if you do it correctly, you receive cryptocurrency in your personal wallet!

How we built it

We used Unity and C# to build the enviornment for this project. We used stellar C# APK to integrade it with Unity and connectect it to to the stellar laboratory. We ask the user to give their account and code and we then connect it to stellar and send them some cryoto rewards everytime they complete a task. We used some premade assets to design the enviornment as laptop was not powerful enough to make my own assets.

Challenges we ran into

I had absolutely no idea what cryptocurrency is other than the existence of bitcoin and eth. I learned everything from scratch starting from Friday night's introduction to cryptocurrency workshop with stellar. It was very challenging to learn what cryptocurrency is, what blockchain is and how to use it.

Another challenge I ran into is that I'm used to working on my desktop at home and my laptop is actually not powerful at all. It is very slow and it takes a lot of time to do anything and did not support my usual workflow as of design. This was challenging as it was very time costly and I had to wait a lot for every step.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I was able to learn so much about cryptocurrency and receive 16 badges as NFT's from Stellar for completing their challenge. We are both also proud that we learned about cryptocurrency together and attended several workshops during this hackathon.

What we learned

Definitely learned so much about cryptocurrency, how to use it, how to create an app with it, how to make transactions and what are its use cases! I also made my own NFT's!!

What's next for Cypto-Cycle

In the future Crypto-Cycle will include more kinds of recycling materials to learn about and a much bigger environment where users can go around for a long time. It will be similar to a virtual scavenger hunt where you find prizes while learning about recycling. Right now it's at its small prototype phase.

Note: project is nit fukky on github because at some point, it became too big to push all online. Most of the functionality is there tho!

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