What is CypherEstate?

CypherEstate is a decentralized blogging site based on IPFS. Users can create their own personal blog, free of charge, and post anything they have in mind. No censorship, no moderation. Neither CypherEstate nor government agencies can remove what has been posted on the platform.

Why CypherEstate?

The rise of the internet marked the start of the information era. Emphasis on information. We believe anyone should be free to express their ideas, regardless of their point of view. Traditional journaling sites are becoming increasingly restrictive, submitting to political and corporate pressure.

What did we learn?

We learned how to implement a decentralized application from the bottom up. This involved not only creating the whole IPFS wrapper for Python around the blogging system, but also creating a user-oriented website, accessible to all levels of expertise. We all learned a little bit of everything in the process, but most of all, we learned about teamwork. Working in a bigger group than we usually do, we had to distribute our tasks appropriately so we all had something to work on at all times.

What is our final assessment?

We are very satisfied with our final result, and we found the whole experience extremely fulfilling. We definitely believe that we pushed our limits during this edition of the HackUPC.

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