We are inspired by the thought of being able to design a system in theory and practice from scratch. There's a lot to learn from the teammates. Additionally, this is a final requirement for certification after a 3-month Code Queen Bootcamp training by Eucating The Children in conjuction with the Innivation Village after 2 months of learning how to code.

What The Project does

The web-based system track the sales throughout the whole sales process & client journey It is customisable (with abilities to edit or add information), responsive and not limited by device size - (computers/laptops or a smartphone). It is aimed at automating existing activities; • data collection – from clients & by sales agents • client tracking – by agents & team lead • updates – by team lead

How we built it

We used html, Javascript and css mostly. As first time coders/beginners/learners, we relied on Bootstrap and w3schools for some guidance. We were trained as we learnt coding basics to use Github and Visual Studio Code. We also employed express js, node js, Mongo DB and other such aides.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We are learners at the very 1st beginner level so we haven't mastered much and struggled to figure out how to do most of the things we desired or designed in theory
  2. It was time and resource consuming (considering Ugandan data rates and associated taxes)
  3. There were connectuvity issues that hindered us as team working remotely
  4. The 3 team mates each had a lot of other things going on in our lives including the loss of loved ones and ill health amidst work, other courses/studies and other Covid-19 effects such as presidential restrictions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Coming up with our first project after only 2 months of coding amoidst all the challenges
  2. Working in a team as ladies lifting ladies
  3. All the learning that comes with desgining in terms of coding/computer skills
  4. The personal growth in terms of traits/skills honed by interacting with others and working in a high pressure situation.

What we learned

We learned different coding languages, platforms and more about ourselves as individuals in terms of strengths and weaknesses

What's next for Cypher Stars

We hope to continue learning and discovering new things about coding. We hope to win the Hackathon or at least get scouted for other specialities, abilities or talents we possess. We hope to be able to confidently design and pitch projects independently for future hackathons or businesses we create or jobs we get after this.

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