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Cypher Forest was created to guide both new and seasoned security professionals through a unique Wisconsin Forest Universe. Many of the puzzle's inside the game were inspired from several books and famous movies like “Sneakers” and “Hackers”.

What it does

The MacOS game mainly focuses on decoding, puzzle solving, and cryptographic skills of the player. The Windows 95 OS offering paths through basic concepts with training and challenges.

How we built it

Cypher Forest was made using Godot engine. The main reason behind using Godot engine was due to its open-source nature. Unlike many other engine's, Godot is free and open source and doesn't take any commissions from developer.

Code/Language Used in the Game:- Two Of The Most Used Languages Used To Code this game were :- 1- Gdscript ( custom language used in godot and is kind a mixture of Python and Lua) 2- GLSL (it's a C-like language and iss used for graphics and contains useful feature specifically targeted at vector and matrix manipulation). UI/Graphics and Animation All the graphical assets were made with the combination of these software. 1- Krita - https://krita.org/en/ 2- Lunacy - https://icons8.com/lunacy 3- GIMP - https://www.gimp.org/

Music and Sounds Most of the Music was custom built by us using software tools like fruity loops or synthesizers. Most of the UI sounds were taken from properly licensed 90s MacOS or Windows 95 operating system. Resources where we got the sounds from are :- 1- https://freesound.org/ (Sounds&SFX) 2- https://soundcloud.com/lemmino/cipher (Background Music)

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into was playtesting. Often how we think the player would follow through puzzles wasn't always the case for others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first time someone went through all the challenges without asking for assistance =)

What we learned

We want to continue to build new ideas and create a larger and larger Cypher Forest Universe.

What's next for Cypher Forest - Operating Systems

We will continue to create puzzles and release new areas. We started with the MacOS, went to Windows 95, and next creating our own custom build of Linux.

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