Cypher started out as a GeoLocation Social Network that connected you to a community you were interested in. During the middle of our production in the LAUNCH hackathon, we took a big pivot and decided to take it a step further. We decided to make this into an interactive and immersive educational/social platform that streamlines the process of a user getting deeply involved with his or her community of interests and it's respected cultures. The way we believe that this app speeds through and avoids "jumping through hoops" is through it's mentor-oriented theme. By bringing that real hands on experience through and with someone who is knowledgeable in the field, we can push to make this the fastest and easiest way of learning. We also implement ways a user can involve themselves with the community by keeping the original model of finding an area of dense activity in the field and real time chat with those who are inside the community as well. This tool will not only help you develop a personal relationship with a veteran but also will help you grow a network among your peers. We wanted to develop this to help people who really have the drive and passion for something that they love. We want to help that person take it to the next level by taking the initiative to do something that really interests them by guiding them and getting them started. Considering that we made the pivot of the product late on the second day and restarted the app from the ground up, I would have to say that the features that we are proud of is our daring UX design, and the fact that we built the app with an even smaller time limit. We found a way to put this all together with minimal gestures and geared the app to be very simple to reduce the chances of user friction.

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