I wanted to design an OS similar to Tails that holds privacy at heart, allowing for basic operations while being virtually airgapped.

What it does

Provides a fully airgapped system. Mostly a proof of concept but comes with a very basic CLI (can also compile SassC code but is not Turing complete.) and some processing utilities. The entire filesystem is RAM based and wipes on shutdown. In addition, a variety of handlers and security-based wrappers protect each system.

Made with COSMOS C# and nothing else.

Challenges I ran into

  • user rings, to access certain console and sound features you need to supersede to Ring Level 1 from Ring Level 3 which is a direct access control violation
  • IL2CPU was experimental at this stage, so getting it to run on real hardware took most of the development time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • operating system boots and works on most systems
  • keyboard interface works
  • fully airgapped RAM filesystem

What I learned

Accessing a GUI is complex as drivers do not match up between systems, so a console ui was used instead. I learned to manipulate user rings and work without any utilities (as the .NET framework and most tools I was used to didn't exist, I had to manipulate structures like Arrays and ArrayLists from scratch).

What's next for CyOS

The project is no longer maintained. Sorry!

Built With

  • assembly
  • c#
  • cosmos
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