Last week Mexico was hit by an 8.1 earthquake, we did not know who was safe or who needed help.

On Friday we needed to check on our friends that were in London but we didn't know who was visiting, passing or recently relocated there and if they were safe.

A lot of times we don't know if our loved ones are nearby a disaster

What it does

During an emergency, we help you locate family and friends who are nearby a location where a disaster just occurred.

You will ask Alexa if your friends are safe and Alexa will get back to you with the number of friends who are nearby. Then Alexa will ask you if you want to text them. On the SMS Alexa will ask your friends to let you their status, and it will also advise your friends to go to the nearest safety zone marked by the smart lights placed around the city.

How we built it

The amazing guys from Verizon APIs, the help of Alexa skills and loads of coffee.

Challenges I ran into

Alexa Skills compatibility with SMS

Accomplishments that we proud of

Directing people to a safe zone (being able to control Verizon light and camera in lighting poles) Alexa Skills

What we learned

Verizon IoT Alexa Skill

What's next for CYLO - Checking on Your Loved Ones

Publishing this and making it available for everyone on Alexa and other platforms.

Built With

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