We wanted to help customers to better protect their data, and we were given a chance to do it using Cyder. We also wanted to connect with Comp Sci students and get experience with project management and product development.

What Our App Does

The app takes the corpse of the desktop and extension applications from Cyder, but this is the mobile application, specifically for android phones for now. It has a referral tab, a lottery section to add the gamification UX design, touchpoints with the bank as this app is meant for their bank partner, touchpoints such as adding their account information and verifying their account using the bank for better security and allowing users to now to be able to collect cash and not gift cards. The app will also have a did I get hacked/pawned feature where users can see if their information was hacked or leaked and be able to change their password using a password manager. Finally, it has a user experience section which has a password/pin login, a notification when the user has won enough tokens to redeem, and an Adblocker for browsers.

How we built it

We built it using Java and XML

What's next for Cyder x Ivey Hacks Mobile App

Make it accessible by iPhone.

Built With

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