Cyclus is a project created to help provide cyclist and their bikes with safety and security for their daily commutes. Cyclus is currently one small device created with an Arduno UNO, Raspberry Pi 4, and a TELUS Cat-M1 cellular shield. This bike has features to keep cyclist safe on the roads, especially for cyclist who commute often on busy roads. It also comes with features to help fight against theft and to track down bikes in case they get lost.

Current Features

  • Tracking Device with GPS (and to track down thieves in case your bike is ever stolen)
  • Headlights on the front and back, including strobe lights for emergency situations
  • An alarm that is toggled by a switch that will sound when someone tries to steal the bike

To Be Created

  • Web application to view all the data
  • Dashcam to record footage and automatically upload to cloud

Here is the link to the intro video

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