This was inspired by the hit iPhone game Stop Block. You can find the game here: link

What it does

A red light travels around in a circle of around 20 or so LEDs and when the red light hits the green light, i.e. when the green light becomes a red light, if you press the stop button, you win and you'll be rewarded with a lot of money (provided that the ESE department comes through). If you press the stop button when the red light is not on the green light, i.e. when there is both a red light in the circle of LEDs and a green light in the circle of LEDs, then you lose (and will be subject to punishment by the ESE department).

How I built it

To build the circuit, we used Charlieplexing to attach multiple LEDs to the same pin on the arduino. We then built a ring of around 20 or so LEDs, that were all connected to the Arduino through said principle of Charlieplexing. To write the script for the light moving around in a circle, I essentially used a for loop to turn all of the lights off except the green light and light i, where light i is the light that should be red. Then after the for loop, I added one to i and waited n seconds before the lights would update (following this same procedure) again. When the stop button is pressed, the game state is changed to ended and to determine whether the user won/lost, we check if the light the red light is currently at is the green light (if it is the green light, the user won. Otherwise the user lost).

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Cyclone

Dave and Busters. We already got it in there.

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