CycloMap is a navigation tool for professional and recreational cyclists. My teammate and I both have bikes and wanted to make our lives easier.

A huge problem for cyclists is getting directions for several reasons -

  1. It is not a good idea to ride a bike with headphones
  2. Holding in your hand or attaching to handlebar may either break the phone or some part of the rider.

Why don't we use vibrations? The rider can pre-select a route that he/she wants to follow and will get directions from mobile vibration. The route will consist of several points which are connected by the shortest distance. Points on the route can be further deleted/added.

Why don't we get the shortest distance between the origin and the destination? Because I want to avoid Mass. Ave and want to follow less crowded streets! Different types of vibrations will be applied for left and right turns.

You usually don't need directions when riding a bike, since usually it takes a short distance. We think that this application will be used by occasional long-distance riders (like us) who don't know what is ~40 miles away or need some hints on their way.

We have used Google Maps API, Google Web Services for getting directions.

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