The idea of the CyclesDAO comes from the ICDev community (see bounty #17). I applied for this bounty because I feel like this is defintly something that developers will want to use, myself included. The CyclesDAO canister, combined with a DAO, allows every devloper who wants to deploy something on the IC to just open up the funding of their project to the investors, for 0 cost!

What it does

It simplifies the management of cycles, make it more transparent, and incentivize people to use decentralized services that run on the IC!

How we built it

The backend is built in motoko. The front-end is built in react/typescript and uses graphjs a lot.

Challenges we ran into

I had close to no experience in web front-end. It was hard to get everything I wanted out of the box from Graphjs, so I had to pull some tricks! Also testing is never easy, e.g. I couldn't do everything I wanted with ic-repl, like creating wallets and accounts in the scripts. Last challenge was being able to advance while working also on the Leap project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even if simple, the front-end looks good and it will help people to understand how the CyclesDAO works and incentivize them to use it!

What we learned

Using tailwind and react mostly. Getting more and more efficient at coding in motoko and running dfx commands. I enjoyed learning how to code with functional components in react, and having type in typescript feels good compared to javascript!

What's next for CyclesDAO frontend

Next thing I want to do is to connect the frontend to plug, so the user can directly send cycles through the frontend. Even if by design the CyclesDAO is not a DAO per say, because it should be configurable with any DAO, I'd like to have a default DAO that could come with it and being able to open proposals and vote on it in the frontend.

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