The problem that we attempted to solve in this app is the struggle of people have trying save and budget effectively.

What it does

This app will help others know what is their cash flow available for a determined month, calculate tip, save when paying debts, and learn about budgeting including an effective distribution of income. It will do the calculations for you! It shows users how their balance will be affected by expenses or deductions in their account. The user-base is intended for mainly young people, but it can be used by all who struggle with personal finances. This solution is unique because no one has tried to make a stand-alone app designed to help individuals.

How I built it

We used the MIT App Inventor to create the design and add the coding component to give it functionality. The logo was created using a mobile app to create logos. It took several weeks to continue adding components that would guide users to learn about personal finance.

Challenges I ran into

I would like to make it more user friendly by adding additional instructions, and by adding a walkthrough of the app as an introductory screen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I take pride on creating this app with my partner because I am an IT student and not in the Academy of Finance so I had to learn before applying and creating this app.

What I learned

That many people struggle with financial needs. I learned the importance of saving and the discipline required. Many work and don't know how to distribute effectively their income. If a job doesn't pay much, it is what you do with what you earn what counts.

What's next for Cycles - Budget App

I would like to add a calendar feature to the app. It would send a notification to the user about an upcoming payment.

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