We have interned at places that have strict rules on what things can and cannot be recycled. This way companies can significantly reduce the carbon footprint left behind from sending recyclable items to a landfill.

What it does

This is a cross-platform mobile application that uses image classification provided by Google Cloud Vision, to determine what exactly an object is, and then further classify if it is recyclable or compostable.

How we built it

We used React Native with Expo and Google Cloud Vision.

Challenges we ran into

Correctly identifying what an object is most certainly the hardest part of determining whether an item is recyclable. There are also special items like batteries that cannot be recycled with items like cans and bottles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a cross-platform, image classifying mobile application in under 24 hours

What we learned

React Native is significantly easier than using Native languages like Kotlin Swift

What's next for Cycler

Expand the map locations for recycling centers for special items like laptops and batteries. Further analyze the amount of things that are throw out to determine how to make our app more efficient and in return, lower the carbon footprint

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