We know that productivity is becoming an increasingly important aspect of running a business. We both saw this in our internships last summer. Hence, it is vital for employees to spend as less time as possible having to take extra notes and spending more time than needed on tasks that can easily be done by automated bots.

What it does

When team members are conversing over messages on Cisco WebEx Teams, they can tag our chat-bot, CyBuy, which takes in parameters of what the user needs, the bot sends the group back a link with the relevant methods of buying the item they need. On the user that mentioned the chat-bot, a web browser automatically pulls up the link. For example, if an employee says that they need to buy Dell Laptops, CyBuy will send them a link of an Amazon search of Dell Laptops. The bot is not only limited to finding office supplies and devices, but also includes a wide variety of capabilities, like finding flights, hotels, and finds the link to the most recent software. We have already started to incorporate these capabilities in Amazon Alexa.

How I built it

The chat-bot was created through Dialog Flow and the requests and responses are stored in Google Cloud Platform's Stackdriver Logging. We then access these requests through gcloud on command prompt and then we parse the data to find the keywords of the parameters. We then pull up relevant sites, based on the parameters and what the user wants and we send that link to the group. The python program also opens up the browser on the laptop that is running it.

Challenges I ran into

We started on creating CyBuy as an Amazon Alexa Skill and ran into some issues with Alexa's invocation of the skill. However, we were able to create the actual skill, but not deploy it onto an actual Alexa.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our use of Google's Cloud Platform and connecting the various parts of this project together, to make it all work harmoniously.

What I learned

We learned how to work with Cisco WebEx teams and how to connect Lambda to Alexa Developer Console

What's next for CyBuy

We definitely want to finish the Alexa Skill and also further refine CyBuy's capabilities, by including voice recognition in the video calls, so the same features can be applied.

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