Ordering food over the phone is often a horrible experience. You're put on endless hold loops and sometimes they don't even pick up forcing you to order somewhere else, or even worse drive all the way to the business. And you almost never get credit for loyalty unlike web/mobile customers. We fix that.

What It Does

We use our human in the loop AI Voice Answering technology to process incoming calls for your business whether it's booking appointments, ordering food or making a reservation. We then inject that information straight into the Square POS for a seamless experience, allowing your in store staff to focus on in store responsibilities.

How we built it

Piece by piece! Our first goal is to incorporate a full AI voice experience with humans helping on the backend, eventually we want humans as far out of the loop as possible.

Challenges we ran into

People have had such bad experiences with AI Phone systems in the past, sometime they don't want to give us a chance. Audio quality in general is not good, so understanding is a 2 part challenge. First what sound is the customer making? Is it No, Go, So, or Toe? Next is figuring out the context and meaning for those sounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • converting customers from "oh hell no I'll never use this hangup" to "wow what a great service"
  • large pilot with enterprise customers, reduced missed calls from 30% - .07%
  • we haven't died!

What we learned:

It will take both corporate and customer buy in for these systems to work. Customer must understand that the labor isn't there to take their order on the phone anymore and if they just try to work with us they can easily place their orders. It's a big paradigm shift we have to elicit from the customers and some businesses.

What's next for Cyborg Squared

We hope to leverage our Square API integration and provide the best solution to "the phone problem" faced by Square Merchants large and small, and a delightful experience for their customers.

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