❓ Inspiration

Well in this techy century we all are datapoints in this world,so we are making sure everyone are safe from online frauds and threats.These days, nearly every coffee shop, library, airport and hotel offer a way to access the internet from your cell phone or other mobile device. That means the information you have on your phone could be available to hackers in the area – unless you’ve taken steps to protect your data. Many people suffer from online crime on daily basis. This is to keep the people free to complain and make them aware they should report the crises they are facing , some will not like to expose their issues to the world due to that many are commiting suicides. A lifeform can't be wasted cause of a missusing their data by anonymous group.

🖥️ What it does

To protect it from Cyberbullers ,cyberbullying may be easier to do, but it is also easier to prove that you are being bullied. Take screenshots of any cyberbullying messages you receive. If you can show these messages to a trusted adult – like a family member, teacher or school counsellor – it may be easier to show who the bully was if they bully you on multiple accounts.## How we built it Well using html , Css and javascript for landing pages ,blogs,podcast and complain forms are made us of it. For authentication , we used Sawo api which is really come in handy for us.

🚵‍♂️ Challenges we ran into

We tried to collabrate twilio api into our project but due to some issues , we can't able to that and while developing the website, there were times when we had no idea how to build some components. We faced difficulty while developing the podcast page and connecting it to the backend , we had issues in hosting the website also time was ticking and we made it atlast.

🌞 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We searched about the issues and asked our team members. We took help from mentors. And eventually, we were able to solve the issues. Also, we are proud cause we are able to help people struggling from and we saved a soul without taking any serious decision.

⚕️ What we learned:

We already aware that these things are happening all around the world , now we are making the people to report the issues or bullies they are facing to us. In India, we have huge amount of population ,whereas we don't have security forces for our private digital-life. So we are forming a community to stop this and do a savior to our people.

❤️ What's next for CyberSavior:

The most important thing to do in any cyberbullying situations is to talk to an adult you trust or an organisation like us as soon as you realise there is a problem. We are planning to connect our website to an NGO. We are planning to add a backend to our website in future so that users can make the best use of it. We will take permission from cyber cell to move forward with our website.

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