In today's fast paced world, technology has become a part of our daily lives. However, people do not realize the danger that come with it, specifically scams. Scams have been on the rise for the past decade and they have caused millions of dollars worth in damage annually. In 2020, Americans reported a loss of more than $3.4 billion to scams. This alarming number depicts how prevalent scams are nowadays. Many people, including children and elderly, lose their personal information and money to these scams, thereby causing emotional trauma. This inspired us to create CyberSafe, a website that brings awareness to the general public about scams.

What it does

Our website, CyberSafe, brings awareness about the dangers of online scams, in a unique way. Once the user comes to our website, they can explore about the different types of scams and take a short quiz to test their knowledge. They can also check out the resources provided, which will tell them how to identify if they have been scammed and what to do. They will learn ways to prevent themselves from getting scammed as well as know whom to reach, such as the National Do Not Call List, etc. Our website is very easy to understand and anyone, regardless of age or education, can use it to learn more information.

How we built it

We used Figma for the design and HTML/CSS for front-end.

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Challenges we ran into

Some of our team members did not have much experience creating a website, so they had to learn more about it, before we could start our project. Another challenge we faced was coming up with a feasible idea for the project. We had to come up with something that did not already exist in today's society and that we could implement within the given time frame. Additionally, we were located in different time zones, which made it a bit difficult to collaborate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to complete the project in the given time frame. We used a modern and minimalistic design that made the website easy to use and be fully functional. Moreover, our team members sharpened their front-end and designing skills. we also tried their best to code our website with CSS and JavaScript web development since we have never tried it before. In the end we gave it their all. We had to familiarize with the website replit. We are also proud that we might have helped someone start their journey in learning how to be safe! And as well for the great experience we had learning.

What we learned

We learned from scratch how to efficiently collaborate with other developers as well as how to make a fully functional website. We specifically learned CSS, Javascript web development and how to navigate replit. Which was an amazing learning experience. We also learned a new fact! Did you know that you can the national Do Not Call List to stop scammers from texting you or calling you? We found this out while we were researching ways to stop scammers from contacting you. And also we strengthened out team skills.

What's next for CyberSafe

Building a mobile app for the project and adding more features (account creation, crowd-sourcing, etc.) And create a larger database and implement back-end development. And we also want to make a feature that allows the user to scan an email or a phone number to check it is trustworthy. Aside we are planning to continue our path towards web development. There's a lot we still need to learn and improve on.

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