This week, our team decided to just have fun while being nostalgic building an old game, Pong is something that comes to our mind, so here we go!

What it does

Cyberponk is a cyberpunk-themed pong mini game. Our inspiration came from the theme of Cathacks this year "Cyberpunk". This game is local-multiplayer (2 person).

Player 1: Press W (up), S (down)

Player 2: ↑ (up), ↓ (down)

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How I built it

Primarily we used Unity to build the entire game and interactions. For visuals, we use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva for the animation. And finally we deploy this game to

Challenges I ran into

It's our second time building a game from scratch by using Unity. So it takes quite a long time for us trying to figure things out from tutorials (have to admit this is not so easy at all). Red sign errors everywhere :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully build the game in a short amount of time with good visuals and user experience, really so happy!

What I learned

The hardest part in creating a game is the interaction and visual part. Each of the movements needs to make a sure match with the visual. And combine that with coding skills so the interaction can work as we expected. After all, we have a lot of fun this weekend!

What's next

Online multiplayer match and VR mode.

Team member information:

Valentine S - Discord id: prismnavy#5085

Handika - Discord id: 最棒的一个孩子#3905

Vincent - Discord id: CentSal#3863

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