Meme Review

Funny Face

How To Play


Our Project for this Hackathon is a fun website where people rank their favorite memes... but with a major twist!

Get Started

As soon as you enter a username, you will be added to a game. There, other players will join you to compete. Once there are enough players, you will be presented with 2 memes taken from Reddit.

Choosing a Meme

When you are presented with the two memes, you will have 15 seconds to choose one. The major twist with our website is that the objective is not to choose which meme you like better! Instead, you need to choose which meme you think is more popular. To choose a meme, all you have to do is click on the it.


If you choose the meme that is the most popular, you will receive one point. If you choose the less popular meme, you will get 0 points. After 3 rounds, each with 2 memes, the winner will be decided.


If you win a round, you will receive 1 TRILLION POUNDS OF INVISIBLE GOLD!!!

How It Was Made

Aveek -

Aveek created the backend of the project from scratch, including implementing the game logic, real-time communication, matchmaking, and more. Additionally, he helped a little with the UI.

Krishnan -

Krishnan coded most of the CSS and HTML for the project from scratch, to set up the styling and template. He also coded a some javascript to implement a timer that counts down to show you the time remaining.

Aryan -

Aryan also helped Krishnan with coding the frontend of the project, by optimizing it for mobile users by using JavaScript. In addition, he worked on coding the timers for the event sequences within the NodeJS server.

Harsh -

Finally, Harsh helped Aveek with a few changes in the javascript files to manage the website better.


Our Inspiration for this project was the love of memes all of us share. All of us love memes, and we love coding websites, so we decided to make a fun meme game for this hackathon!

How we built it

Our Website was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (NodeJS), express, request, and

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were on getting the JavaScript loaded. It took us a lot of debugging to get the JavaScript and HTML to work together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of successfully incorporating into our project. First, we thought it would be very hard and we should just make everyone play by themselves, but we challenged ourselves and tried hard and finally we got it working.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the languages and packages used for this project, and also about how to make a website with NodeJS. As half of our team was more experienced with Flask than with NodeJS, it was a very hard decision to use it, but it ended up making our website way better.

What's next for Meme Review

Next up for meme review is adding the feature of breakout rooms. We would like to add a set of public rooms and let the users be randomly assigned into one of them. We also want the ability to create private rooms, and we will work hard to code this and continue or awesome project.


This project took a lot of time, taught us a lot, and most importantly gave us that sense of accomplishment. We hope you enjoy our project and we thank you for your time.

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