Flash applet at is no longer compatible today. So I decided to continue the project in another way.

What it does

Provides a self help decision path for persons with suicidal or murderous tendencies.

How I built it

Made it using Chatfuel.

Challenges I ran into

Initially was supposed to use Dialogflow / Botman framework, however there are logistical difficulties in getting them to communicate with the Messenger platform properly. With time running out, the prototype was made using Chatfuel. Chat also got stuck on the first message. Did not realise that the setting in the Facebook page Messenger platform section had an option for 1st contact message that needed to be set to the Chatfuel.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bot working properly.

What I learned

Using Chatfuel, linking up the Facebook Messenger platform to the proper App so that it can communicate well and not get stuck on the first message.

What's next for CyberMike 2

Expanding using natural langauge processing and having more menu options with a friendlier conversational interface. Shift back to using Dialogflow due to its built-in machine learning and natural language processing.

Built With

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