CyberMedic was build, because it was important enough to scale up healthcare workforce by existing technology required by the human labor health market during Covid-19 pandemic.

★ Inspired by excitement for the future - requested by the healthcare human labor market.

★ CyberLink device scales healthcare workforce output build with rapid prototyping DFM and applied to a real world problem. Feedback from workers can be received via implemented chat or twitter.

★ Challenging M2M cyberlinking and automatization autonomy proud of creating a service in healthcare industry.

★ Learned to multitask while staying focused and have no sleep.

★ What's next: Rise capital & founding, manufacture at scale, operating a medical service CoE

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Build wireframe, UI ready for live preview soon.

Prepared convolutional neural network.

PCB bridge device capable of input/output/on-screen image capturing + cellular VPN autonomy + layers of image recognition trained ML mapping keystrokes that are normally required by the med-worker, now are automatised input commands by our server, controlled by fewer med-workers.

scaled-up output 4x/worker from concentrated experience from safe distance 80% automatised (repetitive) from primary data source fast as light speed (online)

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