The rate at which people are been attacked wrongly on social media platforms and other platforms which could lead to suscidal attempt inspired me to curb such act.

What it does

It quickly checks or go through anything that wants to be posted on social media by an end user and prevent the user from uploading any form of bully content through text, voice notes, pictures or videos

How I built it

I made use of a social media content on twitter as my training set so I identified copus that is words or common languages that don't attribute to a bully I then categorize a bully and a non bully so when my model Identifys a bully it prompts me.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge was trying to clean and organise my data to get good result and trying to deploy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was finally able to get the intended result of my project

What I learned

The best way to work with text datasets to get good results

What's next for Cyberhack

I want to still make it identify vioce note, videos or pictures that may still be a bully so I can deploy in many socail media platforms to reduce the rate of bully and passing wrong news accross

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