What inspired us?

In recent years, many people have watched with increasing concern as small stores in their neighborhoods have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the changes taking place around them. Even if these businesses have no visible relevance on a large scale, they play a very vital role in people's immediate surroundings.

At least since the Corona crisis, it has been possible to observe how much people have recognized the value of these institutions and are trying to help them overcome the crisis. Very many people, unfortunately, do not know who needs support and how to provide it practically.

Therefore, we decided to look for a solution to this problem.

What have we learned?

We only came together as a team at the beginning of the hackathon and first had to find a solution to the problem and reconcile this with the blockchain technology.

EOSIO is a very advanced and developer-friendly ecosystem, where all the relevant components and information already exist, so we were able to implement efficiently, despite having to find a solution for some time.

Yet, setting up a full-featured private blockchain and not just a node is still quit challenging!

How did we build it?

We use a private eosio blockchain with a single producer node, running on Google Cloud as a Docker container. It helps us start over quickly in the evaluation phase, but the smart contracts are easily deployable to the main net.

The CYFAR social token is basically a mix of fungible and non-fungible token: users get fungible tokens in the beginning and may end up with an NFT at the end of their journey.

Technically it is based on the Mystical dgoods contract with some changes to allow our specific business case.

What's next for CyberFarmers

We still need to validate our theses to boost donation willingness. Therefore we have an agreement with Georgian Farmers Association and New Zealand AgriTech for the future works to bring businesses to our platform.

With them we can discuss another relevant problem: how does a business access the donated value? Will it be fiat money? Are we providing Bitcoin by swapping EOS? Will we need a stable coin to mitigate fluctuations? How about KYC?

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