Cyber Crimes in India has been evolving rapidly. Lack of awareness in the people about cyber crimes and lack of expertise to deal with these issues is really a serious problem we need to concern.

Problem Statement

How can we increase the number of cyber experts in India ?

Understanding the Problem

  1. Many people are interested in cyber security, but they are not having proper resources and stuff to learn these concepts.
  2. One more thing is there are lot of students who are good in cyber security, but there is no proper platform to showcase the skills.


The main objective of the project is to build an application to train the cyber enthusiasts by giving the real world challenges according to their expertise and also they will be rewarded if they solve the challenges posted by the people who want to pentest their application.

Target Audience

  1. We are mainly targeting on the government applications.
  2. Organizations who want better security in their applications.

Business Model

  1. Companies and Government organizations pays us to pentest their application with the cyber community in the CyberDen of 10% of their reward.
  2. From the bug bounty 95% will be paid to the exploiter and we will take 5%.
  3. Providing cyber experts to companies as per need from the CyberDen..

Marketing Trends

  1. We are different from other bug bounty programs because bug bounties are only for experts but in our model we are producing cyber experts.
  2. As per IBM, 3 million cyber security professionals are required in the country but the supply is not even 100,000 now.


Marketing Strategies: Conducting workshops for free, conducting competitions in universities.
Finance Projection: It costs nearly 10,000. It takes time to get the revenue but once it is started it is going to be boon.

What it is built of

We built this application using php, mysql and ajax.

Challenges we ran into

First of all we came up with idea related to theme, after some conversations with organization, we are in a situation to work on a new idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually, the problem statement which is given in the cyber security is not actually a theme related to cyber security it is related to web development, so we asked the organizers about this, they said you can built anything which is related to Cyber Security, instantly we thought of this idea and implemented this.

What's next for CyberDen

In future, we are thinking of a decentralized application with cybercoin using blockchain. Here cybercoin is a token which will be given if a cyber expert exploited a blog.

Credentials for login to website.
username: n151140@rguktn.ac.in
password: 0xbada55

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