Inspiration: This year will be my first year of college. I'm very interested in learning everything I can about all of the programming languages, so I decided to make something that would help point out the similarities and differences between each.

What it does: Users can select a language and read more about, do examples, learn about what that language is used for, and similar languages.

How I built it: I used for the design aspect of it, and I used Java for the user input side of it. I have the most experience in those languages than anything else, so that's what I used.

Challenges I ran into: I knew what I wanted to do in my head, but writing it in code was difficult. I still have beginner experience in coding, so trying to make the computer do exactly what I wanted in my head was the hardest part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I got the Java section done, and I'd like to continue learning more about other languages to finish out the application.

What I learned:

What's next for Cyberbug: Like I mentioned before, I'd like to expand my knowledge and possibly get this made into an app. I'd need a lot more experience but I plan to major in computer science so that will help me a lot.

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