“If we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us ( Dieter F. Uchtdorf). ” As humans, we tend to stick to a schedule; eat the things we eat every day, visit the places already visited one-too many times, while ignoring the beautiful lush trail located minutes away. Such a life is common for many people, at least once in their life. What is right in front of us is always ignored, simply because it is easy to access or because they lack the motivation to try something new. How many Brampton residents have actually explored the gems that Brampton has to offer? In comes Truth or Travel, a website designed to allow residents to explore a variety of landmarks, particularly trails, while also exploring various cultural cuisines. We are motivated by the desire to share the beauty that each of us recognize in the small things around us. The world has too much to offer and too little time so, we (Truth or Travel) want to be that excuse to try something new and explore that place that never crossed your mind.

What it does

Truth or Travel is a fun and engaging way of encouraging members to explore the various trails and cultural cuisines of their city/province, or even country! Most people may claim to be “lazy” to try something new but this program provides an incentive for people to do so. We recognize that people are motivated by competition, and so, this game is designed to be played with friends. As a group, each member will first need to answer 4 questions about their preferences in order to ensure that the game is tailored to their liking. After this, Truth or Travel provides a total of 4 random dares: 2 about exploring the trails and 2 about exploring food ( ex. “Take a picture of you eating Bruschetta at Tonino's Pizzeria & Panini”), which are selected based on the players personal preferences provided during the quiz. The person who finishes all 4 dares first wins the game.

How we built it

Truth or Travel was made using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and designed from scratch. We started by brainstorming ideas on a Jamboard for how we wanted the end project to look. After this we delegated each part of the design and research project. Joanna started by designing the rules page using HTML, which contains a simple explanation of how to use the program. Lavan and Shraddha worked on the personal information page using HTML, which is a simple process used to figure out the users interests, which would then change the outcome of the dares and locations they would be sent to. After this Shradda used her knowledge of Javascript to create the backend of the program. Finally, Tanya researched and curated nature locations and restaurants that would fit each of our themes, and also came up with dares to do at each of these locations.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that we ran into while creating this project was trying to connect the front and back ends of the programs together. This occurred because Lavan and Shraddha designed individually, and then when their programs came together it was difficult to resolve some of the clashes between the two. Shraddha and Lavan resolved this by putting both of their heads together and explaining to each other what code section did what. After listening, they both would often find some things that was either unnecessary or incorrectly used. Together they were able to discuss and put the front end and back end together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of our ability to create such an amazing program within such a short amount of time. As a group we were able to come up with, create and test the entire project within a little under 7 hours and that is no small feat. This was a huge project and we are very proud of the end result.

What we learned

The inspirational quote, “Learning is never done without errors and defeat,” said by Vladimir Lenin, reveals the unstoppable knowledge we can gain through the mistakes and downfalls we encountered. By the end of this project, we comprehended further knowledge regarding the coding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For example, we learned how to include an image on our website. In addition, we learned about new restaurants we can dine in (take-out during the COVID-19 Pandemic) depending on the various cuisines we researched about. For instance, our group is planning on visiting Pomodoro Italian Kitchen once the pandemic is over. Furthermore, we plan on exploring several trails and completing the dares ourselves. We are unable to endure to visit Eldorado Park and have a picnic party. Since this is some of our first Hackathon, we are extremely exuberant regarding the knowledge we gained, especially through the workshops we attended!

What's next for Truth or Travel - Cyber Warriors, 18

One of the things that we unfortunately weren’t able to implement within such a short amount of time was our initial idea to incorporate an image api to verify the location of contestants. This feature would have the added benefits of ensuring that contestants were actually at their location when they took the image and is definitely something we want to add in the future.

Another feature we hope to include in the future is GPS verification of locations. Many travelling apps will often track your location to see how far you are from your next location, and we hope to implement this feature later on as well.

Our interest survey focused on exploration in both the areas of food and travel, but in the future this can be expanded to include other areas of exploration as well. We also plan to add more specific questions in the future as well to figure out people’s health preferences and restrictions and make the overall project that much better.

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