My inspiration is to provide Cybersecurity Literature to society to avoid online cyber attacks, hacking etc.

What it does

I have created a game to promote personal cybersecurity. A game for family, friends, or other non-professional end users. This game also promotes cybersecurity for organizations. A game for professional and workplace end users. Its a multiple choice fun game which entertains you and also you get to know how can we secure our online presence.

How we built it

  1. Developed using node.js/express
  2. Questions stored in MongoDb Atlas

Libraries Used:

  1. node.js
  2. express
  3. mongoose
  4. ejs
  5. nodemon
  6. cors
  7. dotenv
  8. body-parser

List of APIs:

  1. /questions - Get all questions
  2. /questions/:slot - Get all questions per slot
  3. /check/:questionId - Get a specific question
  4. /checkanswer/:questionId - Get answer of specific question
  5. /lifelines/audiencepoll/:questionId - Get audience poll results
  6. /lifelines/50-50-to-audiencepoll/:questionId/:removedOption1/:removedOption2 - Get audience poll results after 50-50
  7. /lifelines/fiftyfifty/:questionId - Get 50-50 results
  8. /lifelines/flipthequestion/:questionId/:slot - Get flipped question
  9. /lifelines/asktheexpert/:questionId - Get ask the experts results
  10. /lifelines/50-50-to-asktheexpert/:questionId/:removedOption1/:removedOption2 - Get ask the experts results after 50-50
  11. /add - Post to add a new question from /addquestion

Lifeline Logic

-Audience Poll

  1. Less than 40,000 - Correct answer will have atleast 50% votes
  2. Less than 3,20,000 - Correct answer will have atleast 30% votes
  3. Above 3,20,000 - Correct answer will have atleast 10% votes


  1. Removes two wrong answers

-Flip the Question

  1. Replaces current question with a new question of the same slot

-Ask the Expert

  1. 80% chance of telling the correct answer

Challenges we ran into

Challenge was integrating voice into the game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally build the full stack game

What we learned

Building a game and integrating voice into it

What's next for Cyber Warrior

Building multiplayer game and creating leaderboard

Built With

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