Cyber Typer is a fast-paced typing game with a cyber-security theme. We wanted to make something minimal, that you could pick up and play without any experience playing games, but something that offered a challenge to more enthusiastic players. Cyber Typer can be played offline, for a minute or so at a time, to take a break from work; or for some relaxed fun.

What it does

In Cyber Typer, you protect the user from all manner of security threats. Identity them by typing their names to destroy them and protect the user. Some of the terms may be unfamiliar, but we've provided helpful 101 descriptions for everything so you can learn while you play!

How we built it

An neat combination of HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript power Cyber Typer: no libraries or frameworks here. We use the API to get some neat visual effects. This is certainly one of the prettier browser games out there!

Challenges we ran into

Designing a game in a small amount of time is no easy matter. The first 90% of the development is getting the game working; the last 90% is balancing the game, which is a tricky task! We think we managed to get the difficulty to ramp up just right now, so newcomers can have fun, but experts have a challenge: see what you think!

What's next for Cyber Typer

Cyber Typer was designed for the Avast Secure Browser. Hopefully you'll be able to see Cyber Typer on an offline page in your Avast Secure Browser someday soon!

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